Announcement of EATA Executive Committee

As EC we are deeply concerned about the war that takes place at the moment in Europe. We see a breakdown of civilized cooperation and communication, and feel connected with those who suffer and are in emergency.

EATA stands for peace and conflict solving without the use of destructive power. We stand for good relationships independent of nationalities, gender, race, or age.

Our empathy is with all people. We will support the TA communities in the countries involved with all possibilities we have.

We especially wish the Ukrainian people strength, power, and good luck to handle this difficult and frightening situation.

This war touches and hurts us all and as Executive Committee we feel responsible to react and to support those who are in need. Therefore we will organize meetings on Zoom with us to provide a safe space for good exchange – so people can come together and not divide. You are invited to meet us, to share your experiences and to get support.

Our first meeting was held on Monday February 28th.

Peter Rudolph, Sylvia Schachner, Anna Krieb, Aleksandra Djuric, Elena Soboleva, Marianne Rauter, Mirjam te Slaa